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Please choose the IEEE template, to write your paper in PDF Format.

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Paper Length:

The standard page limit for each paper is 6 pages

Question related to Paper Submission:

If you have any questions please contact Saad BENNANI & Anass MANSOURI at            wits-2017@usmba.ac.ma

Paper Submission:

Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically using the online conference management system in PDF format before the deadline.

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The submission processes will be managed by easychair.org. if you have used this system before, you can use the same username and password. If this is your first time using EasyChair, you will need to register for an account by clicking "I have no EasyChair account" button. Upon completion of registration, you will get a notification email from the system and you are ready for submitting your paper. You can upload and re-upload the paper to the system by the submission due date.

Scientific Topics

We solicit submission of original ideas and papers describing significant results and developments from both researchers and practitioners in a specific range of fields addressing the following topics:



- Wireless Communications Basics
- Traffic and congestion control
- QoS, Resource Management and Performance Evaluation
- Security in wireless and mobile, environment
- Networks convergence and integration
- Wireless and mobile network deployment
- Wireless Networks & Cloud computing
- Networks: protocols, architectures, services, applications, Mobile
- 4G and 5G networks, Cellular networks, Wimax networks
- Security in Network, cryptographic protocols
- Network Coding
- Advanced Signal Processing
- Transmission systems
- Broadcast and Multicast Systems
- Smart antenna systems
- Antennas and Propagation
- Radar systems
- RFID technologies
- Satellite & Space Communications
- MIMO & Cognitive Systems
- Electromagnetic coupling in the structures and systems
- Techniques and measurement systems
- Vulnerability of systems and circuits
- Digital EMC modeling
- Microwave device modeling
- Power amplifier devices and circuits
- Low noise components and receivers
- Optical Communications
- Optoelectronic devices and All-optical networks
- Remote Sensing System
- RF devices for WIrless health care applications


- Digital, analog, RF, mixed, asynchronous circuit design
- Transducer design
- Low-voltage, low-power, performance-driven, reliability-driven,.....
- Power and spectral efficiency
- Digital Image/Video Processing
- Multimedia Systems, Image
- Video Processing & Patterns recognition
- Mobile devices
- Multimedia broadcasting overall system and standardization
- Multimedia signal compression and coding for broadcasting
- Multimedia streaming and control
- IPTV with broadcasting
- Smart antenna systems


- Custom, semi-custom, ASIC, programmable circuit design
- Processor, co-processor, multi-processor, memory design
- High-level, logic, layout and test synthesis
- Robotics
- Pervasive computing and ambient intelligence
- Intelligent Web
- Requirements Engineering
- Cloud Applications and Computing
- Web Engineering and Services
- Distributed Systems
- Model Driven Engineering
- Software Quality
- Software Processes and Methodologies
- Bioinformatics
- Neuroinformatics
- VLSI architecture
- Systems on-chip
- Design and implementation of embedded software
- Formal modeling and verification
- Embedded Parallel Processing
- Model- & component-based software design & analysis
- Robust implementation of control systems
- Scheduling and execution time analysis
- Operating systems and middleware
- Energy-efficient embedded software
- Embedded software security
- Application areas, e.g.
- Automotive, avionics, energy
- Health care
- Multiprocessor and multicore architectures and algorithms
- New technologies & innovation system applications
- Specification, verification, and testing: tools
- Methodologies, Multiprocessor and multicore architectures and algorithms


- Biomass Geothermal, Hydraulic
- Energy storage & management
- Fuel cell, biogas
- Heat Transfer & Thermal Energy
- Materials, semiconductors
- Photovoltaic energy & Solar Energy
- Wind Energy
- Energy and Smart-System
- Solar Energy

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